We Return to the Scene of the Crime!

We’re playing our first gig at Mohegan Sun this Thursday, April 12, which will help us indulge in an activity with high risk, that takes great skill, where you could lose everything – playing on a stage higher than two feet off the ground.  Come see if we survive, have a cocktail, play a slot…

…And no, we didn’t book it on purpose. We just HAPPEN to have a gig at Captain Carlos at the same time as the Rumble this year. It was a great night last year, and this one will be no different! Friday, April 13 will be the Gloucester debut of new Deelinquents Pat DiCenso and Abbie Barrett, while we welcome back Tony and Samantha Goddess for a tune or two, or more!

Last, but certainly not least, see Deelinquents Eric Salt (& The Electric City) and Abbie Barrett at Johnny D’s on April 15, with Will Dailey! It’s an early show, and it’s the night before Patriot’s Day…so come out and see some great live music!


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